ExcerptPadding -- defines excerpt context length



ExcerptPadding {length}


ExcerptPadding defines context length for context chunks and affects appearance of the $&(body) template variable.

When building excerpts for presenting a document in search results (using either Cached Copy or the body section of the document, or the original document), search.cgi concatenates context chunks. Every context chunk consists of a search query word padded with its original context from the left and the right sides and can be up to ExcerptPadding * 2 + length(word) characters.

The default value is 40.

The number of context chunks concatenated into a document except can be approximately calculated as ExcerptSize / (ExcerptPadding * 2 + length(word)). So a larger ExcerptPadding value makes every context chunk longer but reduces the number of context chunks that can fit into ExcerptSize.


ExcerptPadding 64

See also

DateFormat, ExcerptSize, ExcerptStopword, HlBeg, HlEnd, Locale, PagesPerScreen.